Contact Us

For Emergencies, call 911

For All Other Inquiries, call 931-296-2301

Phone Directory

NameExtensionDirect Line
Sheriff Chris Davis101931.209.6378
Chief Administrative Assistant Brandy Burns180931.209.5515
Administrative Assistant Bradie Smith100931.209.5472
Chief Deputy Rob Edwards102931.209.5517
Captain Clay Anderson103931.209.6366
Lieutenant Brian Baker106931.209.6185
Detective Daniel Buchanan109931.209.6359
Lieutenant Valerie Willyerd113931.209.6259
Detective Karen Brooks120931.209.6271
Chief Angie Lemons150931.209.6271
Administrative Assistant Chase Coble183931.209.6250
Jail Medical/ Nurse190931.264.2138
Elijah Drew (I.T. Department)192931.209.0574
Patrol Office180931.209.6179
Training Center170931.209.6046
Jail Control Room160931.209.5633
Jail Control Room 2162931.209.5732
Jail Booking Room161931.209.6390

Other Ways to Reach Us

Fax Numbers

Administrative Office: 931-296-2633

Jail: 931-296-2867

In addition to all of this, feel free to contact us on Facebook or our other socials.