Contact Us

For Emergencies, call 911

For All Other Inquiries, call 931-296-2301

Phone Directory

NameDirect LineExtension
Sheriff Chris Davis931-209-6378931-296-2301 ext.101
Tori Grantham931-209-5472931-296-2301 ext.100
Chief Deputy Rob Edwards931-209-5517931-296-2301 ext.102
Captain Clay Anderson931-209-6366931-296-2301 ext.103
Patrol Supervisor’s Desk931-209-6407931-296-2301 ext.104
Lieutenant Brian Baker931-209-6185931-296-2301 ext.105
Detective Daniel Buchanan931-209-6359931-296-2301 ext.109
Lieutenant Valerie Willyerd931-209-6259931-296-2301 ext.113
Detective Karen Brooks931-209-6271931-296-2301 ext.120
Captain Angie Lemons931-209-6104931-296-2301 ext.150
Jail Control Room931-209-5633931-296-2301 ext.160
Jail Booking Room931-209-6390931-296-2301 ext.161
Jail Control Room 2931-209-5732931-296-2301 ext.162
Training Center931-209-6046931-296-2301 ext.170
Brandy Burns931-209-5515931-296-2301 ext.180
Patrol931-209-6179931-296-2301 ext.181
Chase Coble931-209-6250931-296-2301 ext.183
Nurse Michelle Lowe931-264-2138931-296-2301 ext.190
Elijah Drew931-209-0574931-296-2301 ext. 192

Other Ways to Reach Us

Fax Numbers

Administrative Office: 931-296-2633

Jail: 931-296-2867

In addition to all of this, feel free to contact us on Facebook or our other socials.